Weekly Photo Challenge:Masterpiece

A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a single hair - Iranian proverb

A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a single hair – Iranian proverb

This might not seem like a masterpiece to all. But, it is to me simply because it is my daughter’s creation.

Doesn’t beauty lie in the eye of the beholder?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Masterpiece

  1. Pixels and Pigments
    Truly speaking, photography and painting are symbiotic while being two very different crafts. They also continue to challenge each other at the same time.
    No contemporary painter can ignore the inspiration, and more practically, the new set of instruments and viewpoints, that photography can supply, and and this is also true the other way around..
    The media have proliferated- and while this is largely due to technology-each medium has its own unique visual language.
    Comparisons are not only odious, they have become irrelevant.
    Cross-pollination is inevitable and serves to render robust, and to harmonize, the diverse modes.
    If good photos are sometimes called “painterly”, what do we make of the fact that photography has changed, and is changing the fundamental way painters look at the world?
    Wasn’t the Impressionist movement partly a response to the challenge posed by photography? Didn’t photography aid and enhance portrait painting?
    The raw material is available to all – Nature and life- light and shade- the chiaroscuro- space/form, pace and distance. In the melding of these, no two photographers or painters are alike, leave alone the differences between photographers and painters as two distinct beasts.
    K Ganesh


  2. lovely, lovely pic of an Yellowphant! by our budding genius Sharanya darling; hers, if we may say so, is the harder art!!! Great work by both!
    K Ganesh


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